ZENworks for Toasters

This goes back a long, long way. Summer 2000 I was talking to an audience of customers and resellers in South Africa about how the directory, identity-driven management and ZENworks specifically could manage anything. The concepts of management by exception and the extensibility of the Novell Directory Services (as it was then known) were ideal …

ZENworks posts

In a former life (prior to early 2008) I was the Director of Product Management for Novell ZENworks. Those days are gone – but many of my blog posts from that era are still archived on this blog. http://www.evilzenscientist.com/?s=zenworks

ZENworks Configuration Management – imaging, PXE and DHCP

ZENworks imaging can use the Preboot eXecution Environment – PXE – to start it’s imaging engine. When the imaging server components (TFTP server, Imaging engine, Proxy DHCP) are running on the same server as the DHCP server there are certain configuration changes that need to be made. Read the ZCM10 documentation for more. Three steps …

ZENworks Configuration Management – building a custom agent deployment package

A long title for a short post. The default agent deployment packages created during Primary Server installation are hard coded to the Fully Qualified DNS Name and the static IP address of your server. All well and good for a single server; but what about: DNS round robin servers behind static NAT etc Here’s how …

ZENworks Configuration Management – System Updates

As I wrote in a previous post – one of the most important new features of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management is the System Updates feature. This allows administrators to automatically download, approve and deploy ZENworks patches and updates across their servers and workstations. Written at: Winchester, England

ZENworks Training

I’m in Provo sitting in on the first round of formal training for the two new products ZENworks Orchestration Server and ZENworks Configuration Management. The training looks fantastic; right now each track has 2.5 days of deep dive hands on labs.