“We Apologise for the Inconvenience”

Thanks to everyone who mailed me this weekend. Over 150 mails so far – and still coming in.

Sorry for shocking people by leaving Novell – I guess I had the “Red Pill” pretty bad.

Red Pill Hand

No news on “where” yet.

As for the “Goodbye” – I’ll be having a couple of beers in SLC on Friday 14th March. That’s the Friday before BrainShare.

4 thoughts on ““We Apologise for the Inconvenience”

  1. Martin, I am deeply shocked and saddened at you leaving. You will be very sorely missed. But I totally understand and respect your reasons.

  2. I simply can’t believe it. I’m totally shocked. Good luck! We are going to miss you. Farewell!

  3. We’re going to miss you! Especially WMNUG since we were trying to get you out here as a keynote for our event in May. Back to the start I guess.

    Many, many, many well wishes from the American Heartland that you will find a fun new position that gives you the challenges and joys we all dream of. :)

  4. Martin, thanks for all you did for all of us. I’ve enjoyed working with you. If you happen to be in Amsterdam, give me a call and I will invite you for a couple (…) of beers :-)

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